Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soup - Bittergound beancurd soup (苦瓜豆腐汤)

Bittergound is a chinese melon. It looks sort of like cucumber with more greenish and wrinkle on it. The taste is very individual some people really like it but some might find the taste is too bitter to bear with . Often this melon is used in stir fried with egg (苦瓜蛋). Or it also has been used to serve as a cool dish itself like an entree by marinated with some sauce and eat raw. I tried once before is too bitter for me . I prefer it to cook in soup.

Bittergound is know as a cooling vege for chinese. So this soup is more for a summer dish. It help to cold down the body and reduce heatiness. Ok here is the recipe , give it a try if you has been wonder how to cook bittergound.


Ingredients :

1 medium size Bittergound

4-5 Red dates

300grams Pork bone/ chicken bone

1 small box of soft beancurd

Around 10 meatballs or as per prefereces.

1 tomotoes cut in 6 slices

2-3 slices of thin ginger ( this help to reduce the "coolness" in the bittergound)

800 ml of water

Salt to taste and for marination


1. Slice bittergound to thin slice or with prefer slice for one liking. Sprinkle salt on the bittergound. Prefer to cover more .

2. Mix the bittergound well with the salt and let it sit for 30 min. This help to reduce the bitterness in the melon. After 30 min rinse bittergound with water and put in the pot.

3. Rinse the pork ribs with warm water .

4. Put all the ingredients except beancurn and tomotoes in a pot.

5. Turn on the heat and make the soup boil and turn the heat to low and keep boiling for 1-1.5 hours.

6. Before serve cut beancurd in cube put into the soup with tomotoes and salt to taste.

7. Garnish some white pepper and corriadors on top of the soup in bowl.

I actually cooked this soup in slowcooker. When I get home after work just dish out and have it with rice. Keep me warm and have some meat and vege in a dish is simple and easy for a day after work. :)

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