Friday, July 31, 2009

Braise Abalone with bok choy

This is the first time I come in contact with a live abalone.. It look a bit err slippery and so green. Anyway cleaning them is a bit of fun and not as errie as I thought.

First use a small knife to dig it out from the shell. Wash away the slippery texture from the abalone body. Wash away the skin of the abalone. Is better to use a small brush to clean it properly.

Ok here is the recipe for the Braise Abalone with bok choy

Abalone 4 pieces
1/2 cups of Chicken stock
2 cloves of garlic ( finely chopped)
1 bunch of Bok Choy
1/2 tsp Oyster sauce
Sugar & salt to taste
Method :
1. Dig out the abalone with small knife and clean it thoroughly with a brush and wash away those slippery texture. A clean abalone should be in beige color.
2. Prepare a small pot , pour in the chicken stock and put in the abalone bring it to boil. Once the stock has boiled. Turn the heat to low and continue to simmer for about 1 1/2 hour .
3. After 1 1/2 hour use a chopstick to poke on the abalone to test is it soft enough. And take it out put aside.
4. Heat up a frying pan . Pour in some oil, put in the finely chopped garlic and sauted until aroma.
5. Put in the bok choy in the frying pan and do a quick stir fried till vege is cooked. Dish out to a plate.
6. In the same pan pour in the chicken stock add in oyster sauce and turn the heat down.
7. Place the abalone on top of bok choy and pour the sauce over and serve .

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