Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Braised Duck Noodles - Lor Ak Mee

I love duck dish . However staying in a western country , often the duck dish we have is roast duck. I miss those braise duck my auntie used to cook during Chinese New Year. She is a good cook , sad to say she is not around anymore. I do not really have a chance to learn from her but I do try to do the braise duck my mom used to cook once or twice.
Nope is not easy to cook a whole duck for a newbie like me so I got only some duck leg to try out my dish. It turn out good and my beloved love it and we have a heartily lunch on that day. Here is my little try out recipe on this braised duck noodles.
Recipes --
Ingredients :
2 Duck legs
4 pieces of semi hard beancurd ( already fried)
2 hard boiled eggs
100 grams of beanspourt
300 grams yellow noodles
1.5 litre water
Five spices powder.
1 star anise
1 cinnammo stick
5 gloves garlic (hit with knife and keep the skin)
2-3 small white pepper seads
2tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp of sugar
1 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce
Salt to taste
1. Clean the duck and marinated with five spice powder at least 30 min or more. (I did it overnight.)
2. Soak beanspourt with warm water about 3 min to cook.
3. Use a medium saucepan heat up with some oil. Put in garlic to saute and put in anise and cinnamon stick. Fried till aroma and not to burn it.
4. Put the duck leg in the pan , stir fried it with those spices till skin a bit strink.Add in water slightly enough to cover the duck.
5. Put in all the sauces to the pan, then add in the beancurd and egg. Stir and mixed all well.
6. Bring the sauce in pan to boil and turn the heat to low and slow boil it about 1 -1.5 hour. Do not let the pan dry up and add in water as cooked.
7. Soak the yellow noodles in hot water in oder to cook it.Follow the instruction on the packet to ensure noodles is cooked.
8. Seperate cooked noodle onto plate according to serve. Add on beanspourt, duck leg , beancurd and egg.Pour the duck gravy onto the noodle.
9. Garnish with deep fried shallots, corriadors and some pepper. Serve hot with cut chilli. :)

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